Softball Central Washer League

Best Darn Washer League East of the Mississippi

About Us

I've been talking to Jay for awhile about getting a simple website put together to share Standings, Stats, Tournament info, and anything else the league wants to share... so here goes nothing!

 I'm not exactly sure how many years the Softball Central Washer League has been around, but I've been playing for 7 years and I'm pretty sure it was around long before that.  For those of us lucky to have known Ed Sarhage, you know he maintained the League and really made it into what it is today.  Ed passed away 4 years ago (which seems crazy) but the League continued on.  Our new fearless leader Jay Brun took over the reigns in 2008.... and for the small fee of free beer has been handling League business ever since.                 

                              Ed Sarhage

 Every year on the Wednesday before (that's right Pole Cat, BEFORE) Mother's Day has to be my favorite Wednesday of the year.  We've seen a lot of teams come and go... legends like the aforementioned Ed Sarhage, Billy "Golden Arm" Hall, Tim Hess (thanks for the beer stands), "Lightening in a Bottle" Jeremy Stopka, and most recently our good friend Frank who unfortunately we lost much too soon.  We've also seen our share of new teams who didn't know what they were getting themselves into and only lasted one season because they didn't like getting beat up by Miller Lite.  Through it all, one thing is for sure... May thru October on Wednesday nights, a great group of people gather together to break up their work week and to have a little mid week fun.                

 I'll be doing my best to work with Jay on keeping the Standings and Stats up to date after each Wednesday, so make sure you check out the "Results & Stats" tab to see how you're doing!  Also, please write on the Forum anything you want... it'd be cool to start getting in some Tournaments, or even creating our own on weekends here and there, and sharing on the Forum will really help that out!